eCurriculum New Version



AllofE Solutions, a leading research and development web-based firm offering academic institutions processing and management products, has released a highly customizable and scalable, improved version of the eCurriculum product.

AllofE created a new version of eCurriculum to increase the efficiency of curriculum management. AllofE has added several new and improved features that are only available with eCurriculum. Now, state and district standards are automatically preloaded into the system. Many school districts follow additional standards that are unique to their district. AllofE implements all basic state standards with the unique district standards to create a comprehensive solution.

AllofE carefully considers training time required to learn a new curriculum management system. According to AllofE's CEO Amit Guha "Teachers already have their hands full with important functions. They should not have to spend precious time re-learning a new system. The system should match their existing process." eCurriculum is easy to learn and start using for the end-user. Interfaces are simple and intuitive and follow the same process as a teacher would normally follow, which makes implementation seamless. Thus, users learn eCurriculum within hours, preserving district resources.

The new version of eCurriculum also allows for school districts to create a customized Web site where on-line information is available to parents, district members, and other constituents via secure log-in to the public district site. Publishing information is fast and simple. From the information entered into eCurriculum, web content is automatically generated. eCurriculum allows the school district to decide what information is published and available on-line. Reporting capabilities provide the right information to administrators.

Districts constantly need to keep an eye on budgets, and with eCurriculum the bottom line is achieved quickly. Return on investment is fast as users do not have to learn new practices because eCurriculum is customized to each district. Noticeably, teachers and administrators learn the capabilities immediately, saving time, money, and effort.

New eCurriculum site is now available

AllofE also published a new web site for its eCurriculum product that provides more in-depth information about features and capabilities. AllofE is dedicated to easing the function of curriculum management by creating and maintaining top-quality products that addresses every aspect of related processes. The URL for the new site is OR The site also addresses the related functions of Assessment Tracking and Staff Development in a seamless integration suite.