Web Analytics for the Environmental Institute for Golf



AllofE recently completed work for the Environmental Institute for Golf (EIFG) on a set of web analytics reports that would help content creators to focus on the most-used web site areas. EIFG is the philanthropic organization for the Golf Course Superintendent Association of America (GCSAA), representing 21,000+ golf course management professionals.  The reports, designed to display a summary of key web statistics, track a variety of information such as the number of visits to a site, the number of visits to a specific item or topical area on a site, how long each visitor spent in a given area etc. All information is tracked on both a daily and monthly basis. The reports feature an easily accessible, instantly readable graphical interface which allows administrators and content creators to retrieve an immediate and accurate snapshot of the use of each site.

AllofE expects EIFG to reap lasting rewards from their web analytics module in the form of member satisfaction. The module provides EIFG's online information resource (EDGE) with an important tool to serve the needs of its members and other visitors to its sites. The report data will help administrators gain a deeper understanding of what information the users are most interested in. In addition, feedback from the reports will assist content creators in providing relevant and user-specific topical information, which will make the sites more personalized for their loyal user community. Site visitors will find their most-used information to be more in-depth and comprehensive, and they will also find that information quicker and easier to locate.

The web analytics reporting module is based on a portal system built by AllofE to help GCSAA organize their sites and make them more searchable and comprehensive. In addition to the portal system, AllofE Solutions previously implemented several other custom-built systems for GCSAA, including a web search engine, an improved and expandable Staff Development Program, and a system for gathering and displaying detailed weather information. All of the systems have been adopted very successfully by GCSAA. AllofE is enthusiastic about their enduring relationship with the organization, and plans to work with the organization on expanding and adapting their software portfolio to assist them in their continued pursuit of excellence.

About EIFG

The Environmental Institute for Golf (EIFG) is a group that has focused a collaborative effort directed at strengthening the compatibility of the game of golf with the natural environment. They are the philanthropic organization for the Golf Course Superintendent Association of America (GCSAA). The Institute concentrates on delivering programs and services involving information collection, research, education and outreach that communicate the best management practices of environmental stewardship on the golf course. The continuing education curriculum for the golf course management industry has played a key role in delivering practical information to advance the knowledge, skills and abilities of golf course superintendents to manage golf facilities in an environmentally-friendly manner.