Van Buren Inservice



Schools districts such as Van Buren have recognized the need to implement a more sophisticated system to better manage their professional development activities. Professional development tracking systems are a key component in providing school districts with the necessary tools to effectively monitor staff development activities. With a completely web based system, districts are not only able to save time and money, but they are able to ensure that educators acquire the necessary knowledge and skills aligned with the district’s standards.

Staff development is an important aspect in creating a successful learning environment. Arkansas’ Van Buren is a school district that is dedicated to providing the best possible education for all of their students. With a new professional development tracking system they are better able to ensure that those goals are met.

To manage their professional development, Van Buren chose to implement AllofE’s, Inservice solution. Systems such as this allow districts to easily track their faculty’s professional development hours and credits, expenses and leave requests. Administrators are able to post district inservices, workshops, and other activities in an online catalog for teachers to instantly enroll in. It can be customized on many levels to fit the district's needs and match their existing professional development approval processes.

About Van Buren School District

Van Buren school district is located in Van Buren, Arkansas and is comprised of 6 elementary, 2 middle, 2 junior highs, and 1 senior high school. Their mission is that “Van Buren School District will serve the Van Buren Community by providing a learning environment that enables students to attain their full potential and that promotes lifelong learning.” They believe that everyone can learn and that education prepares learners for solving real life problems. They strive to provide a safe, nurturing and orderly environment that is conducive to learning and take pride in teaching their students using the latest advances in technology while providing assessments and evaluations to track their students development through out the learning process.