VSR Financial Content Management System



VSR Financial has chosen AllofE to develop a custom web content management system to manage the organization's 3 Web sites.  AllofE is creating a system that will allow VSR to easily and efficiently manage all of their web content.  AllofE will first convert the organization's two representative sites:  one for recruiting representatives and one that is username and password protected for existing representatives.  They will then convert the VSR Financial corporate site. 

All sites will be managed under a centralized content manage system that allows users of all technical levels to update site pages, create menu structures, and generate site maps and searches.  The system will enable VSR Financial to maintain site content that is relevant, accurate, and up to date.

About VSR Financial

VSR Financial Services is a full-service securities broker/dealer founded in 1985. They focus on the long-term strategies and products designed to change visions into reality.

  • more than two hundred registered representatives residing in 30 states
  • the second-largest broker/dealer domiciled in the state of Kansas
  • the lowest rep turnover rate in the industry, less than one percent per year
  • recognized as one of the 100 fastest-growing companies in the Kansas City area
  • licensed to sell securities in all 50 states
  • member NASD and SIPC