University of New Haven Launches SMASHUP

WEST HAVEN, Conn. -- The University of New Haven announces the launch of its social media mashup, AllofE's fifth SMASHUP. The University of New Haven SMASHUP can be found at

As part of the New Haven SMASHUP implementation, AllofE also provided consulting services to put in place a social media policy for the university to help ensure best practices and safe practices for social media use for all university stakeholders, including students.

"I'm really excited to announce the launch of this project and hear the response," said Katie Brosious, AllofE product manager. "We worked closely with the New Haven team to come up with something that really suited their university brand."

AllofE has previously worked with Youngstown State University, DePaul University, Northern Illinois University and Our Lady of the Lake University to implement university-wide SMASHUPs. After New Haven, Kent State University will be the next SMASHUP to launch.

These six universities wanted a more effective way to display their social media content, and really set the standard for university social media, Brosious said. AllofE partnered with the universities to create a central, branded social media hub that displays content in more interactive and interesting ways - pulling in the audience, and keeping them on the branded university site - instead of sending them to other locations.

For more about SMASHUP, go to