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The University of Kansas, School of Law has partnered with AllofE Solutions to implement SchedChek, a room scheduling system. The School of Law currently uses a manual, paper-based process to create graduate level course and classroom schedules for each semester. The school schedules courses for 8 rooms. To schedule these rooms, the school must take into account the rooms’ attributes and capacities along with faculty preferences and requirements. Allofe's SchedChek system allows the school to manage their room occupancies efficiently. The new system will include building/room layouts, availability searches and calendar functionality to accommodate the school's needs. With this web-based application, the school will be able to manage all room/equipment scheduling and reserving more efficiently. The University of Kansas School Law's new system allows users to login and easily view room layouts, perform availability searches, and request room reservations.  The application eliminates overbooking problems and automates the scheduling process.

AllofE Solutions worked with many schools and organizations at the University of Kansas and provided web based systems and consulting in the most cost effective means possible. We reviewed the existing business rules and documentation used to manually create a course schedule. AllofE implemented a room scheduling system that allowed them to enter and track room schedules online. AllofE also developed customized functionality to take the school’s existing business rules and automatically generated a best fit course schedule based on the parameters provided. The system supported an unlimited number of licenses/user accounts. With the rapid implementation of SchedChek, the University of Kansas School of Law was able to immediately reap the rewards of the online room scheduling and reservation system. The multi-level security allowed them to create user logins for employees of all levels. Some were given administration features for adding users, buildings, and room information, while others were given only reservation and scheduling functionality. With SchedChek overbooking was eliminated, and introduced quick, easy, and efficient room scheduling. 

About the University of Kansas, School of Law

"The University of Kansas School of Law is to further the knowledge and understanding of law and the legal system through a balanced and integrated program of teaching, research and service. As a unit of the University of Kansas, a state university and a major research institution, the School of Law serves its students, the legal profession, the state, and the broader university and academic community by developing and sharing expertise on a wide variety of legal topics, with the ultimate aim of making a significant contribution to the administration of justice in the state, the region, the nation, and the international community. "

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