University Academy Extends the Use of ContentM

LAWRENCE, Kan. — University Academy uses AllofE’s content management system to make management of its school and athletics Web sites easier. The district recently decided to implement AllofE’s new classroom Web site module to simplify the Web creation process while increasing communication between teachers, students, and parents.

University Academy already utilizes ContentM on its school and athletics Web sites to post important announcements, photos, links, and upcoming events. The district will now implement ContentM to augment classroom learning by making even more information available to students outside of school. Teachers can perpetually update and change their pages with just a few clicks of the mouse as the year moves on, and students will be able to access homework assignments, lesson plans, syllabi and more from home.

Stacy Schwind, product specialist for AllofE, said the goal of the ContentM system is to get as much information as possible to the people who need it most. For educators, the ease of ContentM will boost communication with students, parents and the community while leaving more time for what’s really important—teaching.

“The primary business of a school district is communication,” Schwind said. “Schools need good communication more than anyone, but they are lagging behind.”

ContentM strives to be the solution for schools that are lagging behind by bringing them a simple, user-friendly communication portal that will decrease IT costs for school districts by allowing teachers to update and manage their own content. Teachers with no technical knowledge or training have the ability to author, modify, and update content pieces and Web site look and feel.

University Academy originally chose AllofE’s ContentM for the redesign and management of their district Web site in late 2008.
About ContentM

AllofE's proprietary Easy Page solution through ContentM completely revolutionizes site management for school districts and teachers. It is the most advanced system of its kind, allowing teachers to create an attractive, multi-media web site in no time at all. The intuitive interfaces save districts time and money on staff training and support. With ContentM, districts are able to implement turnkey web sites and manage them with ease.
About University Academy

University Academy is a K-12 college preparatory charter public school located in Kansas City, Missouri. University Academy’s mission is to prepare students to succeed in an institution of higher education and to participate as leaders in society.