The True Cost of Curriculum Management


With school districts feeling the financial burden of the current economic condition, it’s important to find ways of improving efficiency to save money. Many districts are losing thousands of dollars annually, wasting time and money with ineffective curriculum management, but now there’s a solution. Adding a quality Curriculum Management System like AllofE’s eCurriculum is one of the best ways to start using time more efficiently and to begin saving money.

“This system would not only allow all staff to access of the current curriculum, but also to pacing guides, mapping, alignment, searches, and all the reporting and data information on the curriculum,” reports Gail Tolbert, former school Principal. She goes on to say that AllofE’s eCurriculum management system can now offer an “intuitive, user friendly, leading edge curriculum management system” that provides teachers with the tools and information they need to succeed in the classroom.

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