The 2011 SchoolE Awards are now open for Nominations

Nominations for the 2011 SchoolE Awards contest to find the best school district website are now open. Nominations will close on March 11, 2011, and the top 15 most-nominated districts in each category will move on to the judges to be evaluated by a panel of industry experts.

Stacy Schwind, AllofE product manager, said there are a few other new things that really take the contest to the next level.

To name a few, this year's contest will feature, based on the feedback from last year's awards:
  • categories based on school district enrollment,
  • longer times to nominate and vote,
  • a bigger and broader judging panel,
  • and even more awards.
"The biggest change is probably that there are three ways to nominate your district this year," Schwind said. "Like last year, you may use your e-mail address to submit you nomination. But this year you can also use your Facebook and Twitter accounts not only to submit your nomination, but to help spread the word to your community about this great opportunity for your district."

"Basically, it just makes it easier for you to let your friends and family know."

Districts may go to to nominate their district website by filling out a form.

Check out the SchoolE Awards contest website for more information about this year's contest:

Please contact Katie at kbrosious AT allofe DOT com for more information.