Technology for the 21st Century Educator


Lawrence, KS - AllofE provides highly effective solutions to help the 21st Century Educator.
More and more, educators are searching for ways to keep up with the ever-changing technology around them. The 21st Century educator requires specific tools to efficiently manage their classroom and to help students learn more effectively. AllofE Solutions has devoted years of research in the development of tools to help these educators in the areas of curriculum management, web site management, social media integration, and professional development tracking. 
"These web based systems are changing the way we gather information and improving the way we manage our work and providing us with real time, up to date information," Gail Tolbert - 21st Century Educator said, "Today’s educators are just like today’s learners; they need accessible technology especially for analyzing and managing what they do in the classroom. They need this revolutionary technology for their 21st Century journeys."
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