St. Luke's Health System



The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) requires that confidentiality be maintained for all sensitive healthcare information. Due to the mandatory nature of compliance with the HIPAA act, St. Luke’s Health System has chosen AllofE to create a unique version of its on-line testing for a competency examination system. This version of on-line testing will conveniently help St. Luke’s test users for their HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) certification. The application will be customized to ensure test-takers must complete the test and be able to access their scores immediately. The system also will allow users to run reports according to individual and employee group performance as needed. Tests will be provided on-line to test-takers and developed in the format most conducive for easy comprehension and usability. The test will provide takers with required links and information all in one location. Overall, the application will save the St. Luke’s staff both time and money in distributing and scoring tests. Through HIPAA testing, St. Luke’s Health System will be able to easily ensure that all of their employees are working under federal regulation for health care-related organizations.

About St. Luke's Health System

Saint Luke's Health System includes nine hospitals and many physician practices in the Kansas City metropolitan area and surrounding region. While many services are delivered at these facilities, related and supportive services are available throughout the Kansas City metropolitan area. These services include home health care, rehabilitation, employee assistance, and behavioral health programs. Saint Luke's Health System provides a wide range of primary, acute, tertiary, and chronic care services.