Shawnee Heights School District and EZ Maps



Web-based curriculum management systems have become essential to school districts that need to align their curriculum with their state standards and goals. This type of application allows a district to standardize curriculum across schools within the district and create course guides and web portals in order to share information among teachers, parents, students and other individuals.

Shawnee Heights School District uses AllofE’s eCurriculum to manage their instructional information. The district recently implemented eCurriculum’s EZ Map module. The module allows teachers to create unit maps and timelines for teaching curriculum throughout the school year. The addition of EZ Maps to Shawnee Heights School District’s eCurriculum management system provides SHSD with detailed custom unit maps that link to the Kansas standards, benchmarks, and indicators. The preloaded standards ensure that class instruction is aligned with Kansas state standards and provides teachers with a guide for what to teach, when to teach it, and how to conduct classroom activities and assessments. This user-friendly tool enables teachers to target areas for student improvement, to easily manage and share their unit maps, and to perform analysis on classroom instruction.

About eCurriculum

eCurriculum is a powerful and flexible tool for the creation and management of a district’s curriculum.

  • eCurriculum is completely web-based allowing teachers, students and parents anytime-anywhere access to curriculum information.
  • The system automatically generates a curriculum web site that can easily be linked to the district’s web site.
  • eCurriculum comes preloaded with state standards for aligning with the district’s curriculum.

All of this combined with eCurriculum’s intuitive interface helps to streamline the curriculum management process and allows a district to easily track the what, when and how of classroom instruction.

About Shawnee Heights School District

Shawnee Heights School District is located in located in southeastern Shawnee County, Kansas. The district has approximately 3,500 students in grades Pre-Kindergarten through 12th grade. SHSD values its commitment to students, staff and the community. It’s focus “is for providing a comprehensive program of instruction to meet the varied needs of all students and high standards for student performance and behavior.”