SchoolE Awards releases Nick DeNardis' video reviews for winning sites, recap video

LAWRENCE, Kan. -- The SchoolE Awards has released Nick DeNardis' videos that give a full evaluation of the Clear Creek ISD, York County School District and Lexington City Schools websites as part of their prize and recognition for winning the SchoolE Awards contest to find the best school district websites. It also released a video that reflects back on the entire contest from nominations to judging to voting.

One thing that is invaluable to the districts is the feedback they receive about their websites.  Winners are receiving the video reviews of their websites by Nick DeNardis, host of the EDU Checkup video blog, that normally focuses mainly on higher education websites, so he offers a powerful perspective in terms of education websites. Click here to see the video reviews from Nick DeNardis.

"Nick's video blogs offer a unique experience for the winning district websites that they wouldn't otherwise receive," said Katie Brosious, SchoolE Awards coordinator. "A lot of what we are trying to do is bring attention to K-12 websites and give exposure especially to those who are doing a good job with it. The enormous amount of attention the awards received this year helps us achieve that goal."

The SchoolE Awards also released a recap video that chronicles the entire contest from beginning to end, giving highlights along the way and noting special achievements. Click here to see the recap video.

In addition, winning districts receive a ton of exposure and will receive full feedback and analysis reports for their websites.

Visit the SchoolE Awards website at for more information.