SchoolE Awards 2011 Opens for Nominations Next Month

LAWRENCE, Kan. - The 2011 SchoolE Awards are just a few weeks away and will be accepting nominations, beginning November 15. The 2010 awards were big and this year's awards are expected to be huge.

The SchoolE Awards were designed to recognize not only the best K-12 school district websites, but the districts where the community shows the most passion for the district website.

In response to last year’s contest feedback, there will be several new features. These include three separate categories based on district student enrollment, additional voting and nominating options, and longer periods to make nominations and votes.

The judging phase will feature a bigger and broader judging panel. There has been so much interest from potential judges and the panel will be finalized in the next two weeks. Stay tuned for more details about the judging panel.

Stacy Schwind, AllofE Solutions product manager, said that for the 2011 awards, those making nominations may also use their Facebook and Twitter accounts to nominate or vote for their district.

“The new methods for making nominations and votes will help whoever is submitting their nomination spread the word to others,” Schwind said. “Then, their peers may be interested in nominating and voting for their district. The competition will be even more fun because of this new feature.”

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