SMASHUPs popularity is growing in the K-12 sector


LAWRENCE, Kan. – Universities, including Kent State University, DePaul University, Youngstown State University and the University of New Haven, have seen the benefit of using social media portals to help aggregate their dozens or sometimes hundreds of social media accounts into one place.

Earlier in 2012, AllofE moved beyond creating a website that lists various social media accounts and rolled out SMASHUP as an interactive portal allowing organizations to pull in various feeds from multiple places. They can display these social media feeds in the way to best meet needs of their audiences.

While universities have jumped to take advantage of SMASHUP, there’s another education sector that increasingly has seen a demand to seamlessly aggregate multiple social media accounts.

Evelyn McCormack, director of communications at Southern Westchester BOCES, another AllofE SMASHUP client, wrote in a blog for the National School Public Relations Association about how social media portals are growing in popularity among K-12 districts.

“(SMASHUP) places all your social media feeds onto one page where readers can easily follow you and see your posts on Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, YouTube and now even Pinterest,” McCormack wrote. “In addition, at the bottom of the page, you can see a Cooliris tool that permits the user to scan through your videos and choose one to watch.”

With SMASHUP districts also have control of the design as AllofE works to ensure an organization’s SMASHUP would look like its website pages as well, and, McCormack said, districts have the option of making changes to individual modules and even rotating how the different feeds are featured.

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