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LAWRENCE, Kan. -- With quite a bit of experience under our belt at this point, we've really learned a lot. A social media mashup isn't just a website with a bunch of social media accounts listed on it, but it's a completely interactive portal that allows an organization to pull in various feeds from multiple places and display them in a way that catches the audience's attention and keeps them on the organizational site without sending them off to a 3rd party.

Many universities, and, increasingly, school districts and other educational organizations use social media, but eventually get to the point where that can't do much more than they're currently doing: keeping their accounts updated, and having some icons or links on their main website. There's a tipping point where that just doesn't cut it anymore and they're ready to take it to the next level of interactivity. However, most of the time, websites like this, where there is an enormous amount of data and design required, are cost-prohibitive for the organization to do in-house, either because of the time required, or the resources. Enter: SMASHUP.
AllofE works directly with the organization to design and implement a SMASHUP website that fits in seamlessly with the organization's website. And because of our immense experience in this area, we're able to do so very cost-effectively and quickly. And in terms of management, such an aggregated website is so self-maintaining that very little management is necessary, unless the organization wants to add new accounts or move anything around.
Here a some recent SMASHUPs:
Our solution takes the pressure off of the organization because we do the up-front work for it. And not only that, we believe that social media should be an instrument for your information, interaction, engagement and most of all, marketing the brand and personality that is your school or organization. In fact, social media itself creates marketing without the expense of advertisements, flyers, or brochures - and it is the fastest way to get to your audience. With a SMASHUP website, the time it takes for you to connect with your audience via social media diminishes and becomes immediate contact - on your site, easy to read, easy to connect.
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The goal of the SMASHUP is to bring all university social media initiatives together and to create a branded, interactive website. For more information, please vist
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