Rich Center for Autism Selects ContentM 8.0 CMS for New Website Launch


Lawrence, KS – After seeing the success that Youngstown State University had with their website redesign following the implementation of ContentM 8.0 by AllofE, The Rich Center for Autism decided to follow suit. The RCA has plans to redesign their site as well, and the team at AllofE is working with them to build a customized feature called learning modules. The function of learning modules is to educate the public about the different areas of autism. Each module has facts, a video, and a quiz associated with it, followed by an optional survey.

ContentM 8.0 will provide The RCA with more time to write up quality content for the modules and create the videos they want to use without having to worry about coding and physically building the site. Videos, among other things, can be easily added using the panel system and then placed anywhere on the page using advanced drag and drop technology. The new innovative website equipped with all of the strongest state-of-the-art technology people will be more aware of the great work that is taking place at The Rich Center for Autism.

About ContentM
After a decade of research and development in web technologies related to website content management, ContentM(HE) Version 8.0 is born with high-end, Web 2.0 features, functionality and complete ease of use like no other.

About Rich Center for Autism
The Paula and Anthony Rich Center for the Study and Treatment of Autism is an externally funded unit of Youngstown State University. The primary mission of The Rich Center is to improve the lives of individuals with autism and their families through the creation, use and enhancement of innovative educational programs specifically designed to assure the attainment of a life of dignity and to enhance the individuals' opportunities to achieve their full potentials