Our Lady of the Lake Social Media Mashup now Live, AllofE's Fourth

LAWRENCE, Kan. -- The SMASHUP for Our Lady of the Lake University marks AllofE's fourth SMASHUP launch to date. Previously, AllofE partnered with Northern Illinois University, DePaul University and Youngstown State University to create custom social media mashups to bring together all aspects of the university's social media into one central, easy to navigate site.

The SMASHUP sites are garnering these universities a ton of exposure.

"These projects have been a lot of fun to complete because the material is so new, and so different from what a lot of universities have been doing," said Katie Brosious, AllofE product manager. "These universities are getting a ton of feedback on these sites since they launched, and it's all been positive. This is the direction universities are moving in, and the universities we're working with are really putting themselves far ahead of the pack and defining themselves as leaders. It's an exciting time for university social media."

These four universities wanted a more effective way to display their social media content, and wanted to set the bar very high, becoming leaders in university social media management, Brosious said. AllofE partnered with the universities to create a central, very branded hub for all of their social media activity that displays content in more interactive and interesting ways - pulling in the audience, and keeping them on the university site - instead of sending them to other locations.

Looking forward, AllofE will be contacting other universities about partnering up for future SMASHUP projects. Stay tuned!

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