New Version of eCurriculum Released



AllofE Solutions has released the newest version of eCurriculum, an innovative curriculum management solution that helps teachers work faster and smarter, and gives districts the ability to manage, map and report on curriculum information.

The latest development initiative of eCurriculum offers a user-friendly experience and modernized system upgrades such as advanced reporting dashboards and data warehousing, while still preserving the easy of use and custom mapping capabilities.

The new eCurriculum system integrates a custom and personalized user home page allowing users to quickly and easily access their courses, unit maps and lesson plans. The home page centralizes all of the user's curriculum management functionality into an easy to navigate menu structure.  The home page also includes an interactive, advanced search tool allowing users to search for curriculum by subject area, course, unit map or keyword.  From this home page, users are also able to access the curriculum web site that is automatically generated by the system as curriclum information is updated.

Other updates to eCurriculum include: lesson planning, system messaging, unit exporting, unit map scheduling, and data reporting. The eCurriculm system continues to incorporate the management of courses, subject areas, and unit maps.

About eCurriculum

With eCurriculum, districts are able to define the What, When, and How of classroom instruction. It allows teachers to create curriculum maps and align the units to GLE's, state standards and goals. It assists teachers by providing them with a guide to what to teach, when it is taught, and how to conduct activities and assessments. The system delivers real time curriculum guidelines and course information to teachers giving them a road map to successful classroom instruction.