New Version of ContentM



AllofE Solutions unveiled their latest development initiative for a specialized version of their innovative ContentM web content management application, designed for use by K-12 school districts. The new edition of ContentM will feature several exciting new upgrades such as dynamically generated school directory pages, school calendars, surveys and forms, transportation routes, school and PTA Web sites, and class web pages with up-to-date assignment and scheduling information.

AllofE’s ContentM is designed with the focus on simplicity of use. With this system, completely non-technical users can create a full district level Web site replete with school and teacher sites and all related information. This is done easily through a user-friendly point and click interface. The application generates an entire web site complete with navigation structure, layout, and design. Updates to web pages are as straightforward as editing a word processing document. Built-in templates help upgrade the look and feel of the site with ease and simplicity. All templates are designed to give the site a fresh, progressive look that will attract forward-thinking parents and students. The new application utilizes AllofE’s versatile modular program structure to provide school districts with a simple way to enter standardized custom content and process it into a published web site. Administrators can monitor and update content, teachers can maintain their class Web sites, students can keep track of their assignments, and parents can easily look up vital information such as lunch menus, athletic schedules, and PTA meeting minutes.

The system will also include AllofE’s newest usability feature, which will allow users to switch smoothly between a fully navigable site preview to a fully editable page view, without losing any of the options for editing the site structure or menu. This intuitive interface is designed especially for non-technical users, and represents AllofE’s continued drive to adapt their products to meet user needs.

The new ContentM system is expected to set a new standard for user-friendly content management systems, and to give school districts the opportunity to create and maintain Web sites that are up-to-date, attractive, and easy-to-use. AllofE feels that this will ultimately benefit everyone associated with their client school districts, from administrators to students, by empowering them to create a centralized storehouse of all their vital district information.

AllofE and ContentM

AllofE Solutions is founded on the philosophy of focusing on R&D in order to stay at the forefront of the newest web technologies in the industry. This focus led to the development of a fully customizable, expandable, and adaptable Web Content Management system, ContentM. The true achievement of ContentM was to take a powerful and complex application and make it completely usable for non-technical users by making full use of the ‘black box’ principle of functional abstraction. ContentM allows users to change their content with the click of a button so that they never have to write, understand, or even see, a single line of code.

Since then, ContentM has revolutionized the web content management processes of a multitude of clients in diverse areas. ContentM has been implemented and adopted very successfully by numerous academic institutions. These include Blue Springs School District, William Jewell College, several schools at the University of Kansas, and Washburn University, among others. We have worked with each client to ensure they get the optimal value from their system, customizing each implementation to reflect the unique characteristics and infrastructure of the organization using it. In the process we have not just gained a strong relationship with those clients, but have also gained a unique insight into a broad range of content management issues and how to solve them, and a clear big-picture view of the structures and processes required to create a superior content management solution for the education industry.