Nevada, MO eCurriculum System



Nevada R-V School District in Missouri is working with AllofE Solutions to bring their curriculum online after their recent decision to implement AllofE’s curriculum management and mapping system, eCurriculum. Having searched extensively for the right web based curriculum management product that would fit their needs, the district found eCurriculum. The web based application meets the specific requirements of the district and the state of Missouri both in terms of curriculum management and mapping functionality. The factors taken into account in their decision making were the flexibility, usability and cost effectiveness of the system. The district wanted to ensure that the selected system included all of the Missouri GLE’s, as well as other state-specific curriculum requirements.

The system is currently in the implementation process. The district’s high school level technical education school will be the first of their schools to go live with the new system.

By bringing their curriculum information online, AllofE hopes to help the district make their curriculum management processes more efficient, providing comprehensive functionality to ensure standards compliance and effective decision making in a user-friendly environment.

The district’s administrators and technical team have been extremely responsive and helpful during the implementation process. AllofE looks forward to facilitating the continued growth and development of a progressive school district.

About Nevada, MO

The Nevada R-V School District is comprised of six schools within the city of Nevada, MO, and consists of approximately 2500 students. The District has a wonderful tradition of high student achievement and strong community support. The District will proudly continue the mission of "being committed to excellence and guiding students to their highest potential."