NetKalendars Third Generation Revision



AllofE’s calendar tool, NetKalendars, recently received a complete revision and entered a new phase. The expanded system includes a new generation architecture, usability interfaces, and tremendous functionality enhancements. The new calendar system now provides an assortment of new enterprise level functionality including dynamic filters, advanced smart search including smart phrases, improved user interfaces and dynamic data saving. The system is based on an emerging form of web technology called AJAX, which enables efficient generation of dynamic user interfaces that would be otherwise impossible to achieve.

On a broader scale, the revision represents an enterprising new type of system design that is expected to revolutionize the world of web calendaring, and even web technology. The broad range of functionality, along with the capacity for advanced searching without the additional time costs associated with older and more static systems, is expected to put NetKalendars at the forefront of the online calendaring industry.

Enterprise level version 3.0 of NetKalendars is extremely user-friendly in spite of its advanced complex functionality. The new interface provides up-to-date information to all users without the need to refresh the page, and makes filtering and searching through enormous amounts of data much more time efficient. Highlights of the new functionality include multiple calendar management, customizable event recurrence settings, and an advanced search feature.

The capacity to create and manage an unlimited number of calendars is ideal for many purposes, allowing organizations to organize their events by category, by user community that those events apply to, by different departments or schools, etc. Users can easily switch between individual calendars, or even view multiple calendars combined into one integrated calendar view.

Using the new system, it is possible to set an event to recur multiple times on any given day or over a series of days, weeks, or months as desired. Thus information for weekly events such as a class, or for events that span several days such as a conference, only needs to be entered once.

The system’s improved search and filter function can be used across multiple calendars. This allows users to search any and all calendars they have access to, all at the same time, and to filter by various criteria. Search criteria can include anything from a particular search string, to a specific date, to a date range, to smart phrases like "a month ago", or some set of information that is specific to a custom event type.

With advanced search functionality and live data updates, the new version of NetKalendars is more usable, more dynamic, and more efficient from an end user standpoint than ever before.