Morrill and Janes Bank



Morrill and Janes Bank recently commissioned a wire transfer notification module from AllofE. The module is tightly integrated with their current transfer system, extending the existing system to notify the relevant stake holders by e-mail when a wire transfer goes through. Different sets of people are notified in the transfer process based on factors such as whether the transfer was on time or late.

Using the notification system, bank employees who need to know about transfers no longer have to check for them manually, but can simply receive the information via e-mail, thus enhancing their workflow process, organizational productivity and system efficiency. This will help Morrill and Janes to provide for efficient processing and checking of money transfer transactions, enhancing their ability to provide the security their customers rely on.

About Morrill and Janes

Morrill and Janes Bank started as Barnett, Morrill and Janes in 1871, and has a long, rich history in the Northeast Kansas area. They are proud of their growth and consider it proof that they enjoy the patronage of the finest employees, friends and customers in the world. As they enter their newest era of service to their communities, (Hiawatha, Kansas City, Onaga, Sabetha and Troy) they anticipate the greatest growth in their history and the ability to continue to provide solid and innovative banking products and quality services, which customers both demand and expect in today's marketplace.