MIAA Announces Launch of new ContentM Website

FRANKLIN, Mass. -- The Massachusetts Interscholastic Athletic Association (MIAA) just launched a new organizational website at http://miaa.net. The website was built using ContentM to help MIAA staff members more easily update and manage the website content, and to better serve their members. The new MIAA website also includes online conference registration for MIAA members.

As part of the MIAA project, we will also be implementing new Calendar functionality for both the MIAA and MSSAA (http://mssaa.org) websites.

AllofE also helped MIAA reorganize its website content, omit outdated content, and give the organization's web presence better navigation and more logical flow, said Katie Brosious, AllofE project manager.

"The previous MIAA site had a ton of stuff, and it was difficult to navigate through the thousands of pages they had," Brosious said. "Our goal was to help them get a handle on their content and focus only on what information would be valuable to their members. And not to mention, give the entire website a modern feel which I think is pretty evident from the before and after screen shots we took of the MIAA site."

The MIAA website is phase two of a partnership with MIAA and MSSAA with many new things coming up in the future.

Contact Katie Brosious atkbrosious AT allofe DOT com for questions about this project.