Leavenworth eCurriculum


Leavenworth selects a web based curriculum management and mapping system to supplement classroom instruction.

In order to comply with the requirements set by the No Child Left Behind Act, many school districts have created district-wide curriculum management and mapping guidelines. To help enforce these guidelines, the Leavenworth School District has chosen to implement a web-based system that will provide an advanced solution to their district’s curriculum management processes. The system will be able to track the alignment of Kansas state curriculum standards to classroom instruction. And more importantly, they required an extremely customized, scalable, and user friendly tool that could be adopted easily and painlessly by all levels of teachers with minimal training required.

Leavenworth chose AllofE’s eCurriculum for the implementation of their online curriculum management solution. The expanded curriculum mapping application will revolutionize the district’s existing processes, putting them at the forefront of cutting-edge education technology. It will allow them to tie their curriculum units to specific evaluation factors such as objectives and assessment questions, which will later be used to gauge the unit’s effectiveness. This will provide educators with a comprehensive view of their curriculum and its outcomes.

With this curriculum mapping program, the district will be able to define the What, When, and How of classroom instruction. It comes preloaded with the school’s state standards allowing teachers to create curriculum maps and align the units to one or more standards, benchmarks, and indicators. It provides teachers with a guide to what to teach, when it is taught, and how to conduct activities and assessments. The system delivers real time curriculum guidelines and course information to teachers providing them a road map to successful classroom instruction.

About Leavenworth USD 453

Leavenworth USD 453 is a unified school district that is committed to a quality education for each and every student. It is located in Leavenworth, Kansas, known as the “First City in Kansas” because of its historical nature. It consists of ten schools, six elementary, two middle, and two high schools. They are an accredited school district based on their high standards of performance. There mission is, “to use challenging academic standards to prepare our students to be successful in our culturally diverse and technologically changing society.”

In order to build on their success they have recently started developing plans to improve the already successful school district. The Board of Education is now working on renderings for what is called the “Compromise Plan.” It is proposing a new high school with a new athletic complex along with renovations to the existing high school and middle schools.