Leavenworth ContentM

Leavenworth school district incorporates new content management system to manage their district and school sites.

School district website structures become more and more complex as they try to integrate their district content along with individual school sites and teacher home pages. The districts are beginning to realize the need for innovative content management systems to centralize their sites and simplify the management process. To overcome this, the Leavenworth School District will implement a new website management system to manage their entire district’s site content. They needed a means to design, create and maintain their district’s website and develop an efficient way of communicating more effectively with parents, staff, students, and the community.

Leavenworth selected a web-based content management system designed specifically for K-12 school districts. The system, ContentM, is designed to give districts complete control over their site layout, look and feel, and content. It includes all of the tools to make a professional website in no time at all giving the least technical users a way manage their content on their own. This system provides a consistent design across pages and sections that makes navigating the Web site simple.

With this new system Leavenworth will be able to simplify their entire website management process. ContentM is developed in a way that grows with the organization and its content management needs. It provides total control over every aspect of the site from look and feel to menu structure and page content. Its numerous plugins such as survey and form generators to web calendars and room scheduling systems provide you with a scalable, enterprise wide, cost efficient application to meet all web content management needs.

About Leavenworth USD 453

Leavenworth USD 453 is a unified school district that is committed to a quality education for each and every student. It is located in Leavenworth, Kansas, known as the “First City in Kansas” because of its historical nature. It consists of ten schools, six elementary, two middle, and two high schools. They are an accredited school district based on their high standards of performance. There mission is, “to use challenging academic standards to prepare our students to be successful in our culturally diverse and technologically changing society.”

In order to build on their success they have recently started developing plans to improve the already successful school district. The Board of Education is now working on renderings for what is called the “Compromise Plan.” It is proposing a new high school with a new athletic complex along with renovations to the existing high school and middle schools.