Kent School District Inservice



Staff development is an important factor in creating a successful learning environment for students. Equally important is the need for a web-based system capable of efficiently monitoring and managing professional development activities for educators.

A professional development tracking system is a key element in providing educators with the necessary knowledge and skills that coincide with district standards of excellence. Once such knowledge and skills are acquired, both can be easily applied in the classroom.

Kent’s decision to implement AllofE’s Inservice solution enables the school district to track academic courses and sections for K-12 professional development. The Inservice solution manages class enrollment and wait lists for professional development courses and provides administrators with teaching rosters to track the individual progress of faculty members throughout the district.

About Kent School District

Kent School District, located in Kent, Washington, is the fourth largest school district in the state and is comprised of twenty-eight elementary schools, six middle schools, five high schools, and two academy schools. The district’s mission is to “successfully prepare all students for their future”. With math achievement scores above that of the state average and College Board SAT scores above the national average in both reading and mathematics, Kent School District is certainly meeting its objective.