KCMO School District and eCurriculum



Lawrence, KS – AllofE Solutions recently announced that Kansas City Missouri School District selected eCurriculum to manage the district’s curriculum. After researching curriculum management systems, the KCMO School District decided on AllofE’s eCurriculum system with the goal of implementing a system that is customized to cater and support the district’s growth and need for a more streamlined process for managing its curriculum.

AllofE's eCurriculum solution will help the KCMO School District meet the burden of curriculum requirements. It will also provide the tool to incorporate important educational standards right down to its educational plan and empower teachers to map those standards right into units and lesson plans.

The KCMO School District will receive the latest version of eCurriculum that was released in early-2008. The updated eCurriculum system continues to provide user-friendly management of courses, subject areas, lesson plans and unit maps along with state standards alignment. 

About eCurriculum

With eCurriculum, districts are able to define the What, When, and How of classroom instruction. It allows teachers to create curriculum maps and align the units to GLE's, state standards and goals. It assists teachers by providing them with a guide to what to teach, when it is taught, and how to conduct activities and assessments. The system delivers real time curriculum guidelines and course information to teachers giving them a road map to successful classroom instruction.

About the Kansas City Missouri School District

The KCMO School District educates about 18,000 children and employs nearly 3,800 teachers and administrators. The urban District offers a rich multi-ethnic, multi-cultural mix of students throughout the city. The district’s mission is to “envision its schools as places where every student will develop deep understanding of the knowledge and skills necessary to pursue higher education, obtain family-supporting employment, contribute to the civic well-being of the community, and have the opportunity for a rewarding and fulfilling life.”