Iowa Great Prairie Area Education Agency Applicant Tracking



In today's day and age job searches are no longer dominated by print ads in the classifieds; searching for jobs have shifted to the web.  More and more employers are posting jobs online, giving applicants greater access for search capabilities and enabling applicants with greater ease in appling for jobs.

Applicant tracking systems enable administrators to post and manage jobs online.  Administrators can organize applications and track the entire hiring process from one central site. These systems provide an interface for applicants to apply online, and for the organization to manage, filter, and review applications throughout the candidate selection process.

The Great Prairie Area Education Agency recognized a need for such a system and selected AllofE's Applicant Tracking.  Applicant Tracking is AllofE's solution to online job application submission and review. The completely flexible and customizable system manages every aspect of the hiring process from submitting the applications to reviewing and taking notes during an interview. Customized, client-specific application forms and submission filtering reports are built into the system when it is implemented, and the user-friendly interface makes learning and using all the functionality of Applicant Tracking a snap.  With Applicant Tracking administrators can track the entire employee recruitment process and applicants can apply for jobs through an easy, web-based step-by-step process.

About Great Prairie Area Education Agency

"In 1974, the Iowa Legislature created 15 Area Education Agencies to provide programs and services for local school districts to ensure all Iowa children have equal educational opportunities. Great Prairie AEA is one of 10 now consolidated Area Education Agencies. Great Prairie AEA provides leadership and service to more than 40,000 students, 3,700 teachers and administrators and 36 school districts in Southeast Iowa. Great Prairie AEA's programs and services are agency-wide focusing on improving student performance. "

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