Independence and ContentM



Lawrence, KS – The Independence School District recently selected AllofE’s ContentM system for the creation and management of its school, teacher, and classroom web sites. ContentM will help to efficiently design, maintain and update the new web sites. The system will not only manage the site content, but also maintain a consistent design for each site throughout the district.

The Independence School District is committed to leveraging innovative technology that will help its district develop optimal web sites for timely and useful content propagation. The district initially partnered with AllofE to implement a professional development tracking system, Inservice. Independence has now expanded its integrated academic platform to also include ContentM for school and teacher site management.
About ContentM
AllofE's proprietary Easy Page solution through ContentM completely revolutionizes site management for school districts and teachers.  It is the most advanced system of its kind, allowing teachers to create an attractive, multi-media web site in no time at all.  The intuitive interfaces save districts time and money on staff training and support.  With ContentM, districts are able to implement turnkey web sites and manage them with ease.

About Independence
The Independence School District, located in Independence, Missouri, is comprised of thirteen elementary schools, three middle schools, and two high schools. The district mission is “by providing a quality education, the Independence School District will ensure that each learner will achieve the skills and self-confidence to be successful in an ever-changing world.”