Independence School District Adds Matrix to its Academic Platform

Lawrence, Ks. –  AllofE Solutions and Independence School District have chosen to broaden their partnership with the addition of another intuitive academic platform for the school district. Independence will integrate the dashboarding and performance analysis tool, Matrix, to utilize information received from assessments and strengthen current strategies within the district to improve the overall education for students.
Matrix, introduced in November of 2010, is one branch of AllofE’s academic learning platform that allows for the easy to read analysis of assessment performance data. Districts are able to analyze assessment scores, curriculum standards alignment, overall curriculum effectiveness and more.
While immensely important, data provided to school districts is difficult to interpret on its own often making it problematic to use. Matrix is a data mining and performance analysis solution that uses the raw data received from assessments and turns it into clear, interpretable information. In addition to providing a way to view data clearly and concisely, it helps with the understanding of longitudinal trends to promote informed decision making.
The Missouri district has chosen to implement the system alongside use of AllofE’s district-wide curriculum management system, eCurriculum. Use of both systems along with the professional development system, Inservic,e and web-site content management system, ContentM, will provide the district with an unparalleled, innovative and flexible teaching platform.
About Matrix
Matrix allows districts to interpret assessment data in a clear and intuitive way that makes understanding the data simple. The system helps districts to analyze student assessment scores, curriculum standards alignment, overall curriculum effectiveness, and more. They can view performance data at a holistic, global level and at a detailed, granular level for each student.
About Independence
The Independence School District, located in Independence, Missouri, is comprised of thirteen elementary schools, three middle schools, and two high schools. The district mission is “by providing a quality education, the Independence School District will ensure that each learner will achieve the skills and self-confidence to be successful in an ever-changing world.”