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From the Monday December 14, 2009 edition of SportsBusiness Journal - Companies that aligned themselves with NASCAR in 2009 received $1.9 billion in exposure for their brands, up 12.5 percent over 2008, according to the results of an annual custom research effort conducted during the recently concluded Sprint Cup Series season.

For the third straight year, SportsBusiness Journal/Daily teamed with Kansas City-based sponsorship measurement firm Image Impact to measure the exposure received by companies doing business with NASCAR. This year’s research captured more than 200,000 sponsor impressions, 45 percent more than last year’s study, through NASCAR’s 36-race Sprint Cup Series schedule, plus the Sprint All-Star Race.

Detections of 715 primary and secondary car and driver partners were analyzed, along with all race venue signs and the myriad graphics and audio mentions from the races’ TV broadcasts. Sixty-six sponsored locations were measured, six more than the 2008 study, in areas ranging from leaderboard graphics that viewers see on their TV screens (ranked No. 1 in exposure value), to exposure a sponsor may have received by having its logo on a trophy (ranked last). Tertiary sponsors on driver and pit crew uniforms and on the quarter panels of the race cars were not reported.

Video feeds from each race were broken down and evaluated for all brand detections that occurred on screen and were clear and in focus for at least one full second. Each of those individual detections was then evaluated based on its duration, average size, location and relative isolation (or lack thereof) from competing brands: Was the logo a featured image on the screen or was it shown among other sponsors?

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About Image Impact

Image Impact is a sister company of RCA Group, an event marketing and promotions company who, for over 22 years, has excelled in the sponsorship and event management business. RCA Group, under the direction of President and Founder Russ Cline, has an extensive resume of event promotions, both nationally and internationally.

Some of these include Davis Cup and Fed Cup Tennis and ESPN/ ABC Sports’ Winter and Summer X-Games. In addition, RCA Group provides strategic management of event signage and sponsor fulfillment, including the interactive elements for ESPN / ABC Sports.

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