Image Impact Study Results


Image Impact presents study results with the top ten sponsors in brand value from the World Series broadcast on Fox. "Chevrolet had close to 46 minutes of exposure, which translated to around $25.8M in value."

Image Impact uses its proprietary TRI-ID and BrandBase systems, recently integrated by AllofE Solutions using a complex set of algorithmic and data analysis tools, to power its electronic value detection. "The monetary value was determined by prorating the duration of each detection relative to its Quality Index, with the prorated detection valued using the 30-second ad rate of $375,000 for the event" ( Image Impact).

TRI-ID and BrandBase Methodology

TRI-ID and BrandBase monitors visual and audio detections throughout a television broadcast. The system then analyzes the data created and generates market research reports based on the information. Companies such as Bank of America, ESPN, Bass and Major League Baseball use the system to analyze the quality and monetary value of their advertisements during televised sporting events.

About Image Impact

Image Impact is a sister company of RCA Group, an event marketing and promotions company who, for over 22 years, has excelled in the sponsorship and event management business. RCA Group, under the direction of President and Founder Russ Cline, has an extensive resume of event promotions, both nationally and internationally.

Some of these include Davis Cup and Fed Cup Tennis and ESPN/ ABC Sports’ Winter and Summer X-Games. In addition, RCA Group provides strategic management of event signage and sponsor fulfillment, including the interactive elements for ESPN / ABC Sports.