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Image Impact® today announced the official launch of BrandBase® Version 4.0, the latest version of the Web-based brand placement analysis delivery platform. The new product has a redesigned look featuring an icon-based click-through user interface. The new format allows clients to quickly pull up brand exposure reports for specific events. An additional feature of BrandBase Version 4.0 is a Photo Album allowing users to conveniently save video images into a central workspace location. From the workspace, users can compile “Greatest Hits” slideshows and email them out to clients and coworkers.

“We are very excited about the implementation of Version 4.0,” said Russ Cline, President and Founder of Image Impact. “We developed this new format so our clients are able to pull up the information they need quicker in order to help them better use our tools to improve their brand performance.”

Like its preceding formats, BrandBase Version 4.0 continues to provide verifiable proof of brand placement performance by displaying the video of all detections along with their corresponding QI ScoreSM and MV® metric scores. With its various reporting and search options, BrandBase provides the most comprehensive and verifiable brand placement exposure reporting tools in the industry.

About Image Impact

Image Impact is a sister company of RCA Group, an event marketing and promotions company who, for over 22 years, has excelled in the sponsorship and event management business. RCA Group, under the direction of President and Founder Russ Cline, has an extensive resume of event promotions, both nationally and internationally.

Some of these include Davis Cup and Fed Cup Tennis and ESPN/ ABC Sports’ Winter and Summer X-Games. In addition, RCA Group provides strategic management of event signage and sponsor fulfillment, including the interactive elements for ESPN / ABC Sports.

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