Harriman Arts ContentM


The Harriman Arts program of William Jewell College provides music, dance, and artistic performances for the Kansas City area.  The program operates a Web site where users can view event information and order tickets online.  Harriman Arts has chosen AllofE's ContentM to manage it's Web site content; manage event information and schedules; and generate event listings and filters.  End users will be able to sign up to receive program newsletters; search for events by date, venue, and type; and purchase tickets online.  ContentM includes functionality to allow Harriman Arts to manage their site with no technical knowledge or experience, maintain up to date event information, and automatically generate searches, menus, and more.

About Harriman Arts

Harriman Arts has been bringing the best of performing arts to downtown Kansas City for 40 years.  More than 700 performances have come to Kansas City by way of the Harriman Arts Program, including 16 American recital debuts.  An enduring aspect of the Program, drafted by founders Dr. Richard Harriman and Dr. Dean Dunham, Jr., is the availability of the performing arts as an integral part of a superior liberal arts college curriculum for William Jewell College students.