GCSAA Weather Module



AllofE collaborated with GCSAA and IPS MeteoStar to build a customized weather module for GCSAA’s user portal system. The module brings weather content to all users, and allows users to view different levels of detail depending on their subscription level.

The weather module provides a wide range of weather functionality that focuses on the location or locations specified in the user’s profile. Among other things, it displays up-to-date information about current weather, current hazards and warnings, forecasts, and statistics about the climate.

The multi-tiered access system consists of three levels. Basic access provides basic functionality and non-moving pictures. Titanium access provides all the basic functionality, but adds moving pictures for satellite images. Lightning access provides all the functionality available on the other two levels, but provides a new module that allows users to view "lightning packs," which show a chart of recent lightning strikes on the local, regional, and national level.

GCSAA’s goal in incorporating this module is to allow superintendents to plan for inclement weather conditions. The weather module would allow them to foresee and schedule around inclement weather for any major events on their golf courses, plan for the golf courses to be closed during severe weather outbreaks, or provide for possible damage to the courses due to hazardous weather.


GCSAA, or Golf Course Superintendents Association of America, is the professional association for golf course superintendents. Its 20,000 members consist of superintendents, assistant superintendents, students, educators, affiliates and retired classifications. The association has 103 affiliated chapters, and more than 75 countries have a GCSAA member in residence.