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Woodford County Public Schools in Versailles, Kentucky implements Matrix to track student performance across multiple assessment measurements
Matrix addresses challenges faced by many K-12 districts
Automated scheduling module, to help place students into clinical rotations, as part of its clinical tracking system, eCLAS




 District Administrators  Students  Teachers

Create greater efficiencies, deliver online assessments aligned with district standards, create reports based on student performance.

Login from anywhere to access tests online, review and take tests multiple times, get immediate results and evaluate your skills in the area.

Manage tests and quizzes from a simple online interface, use available question banks, review student results, work from home or anywhere.

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Back to the basics. 

Enable trainers and educators to create, administer, schedule and report on online tests.


For the Teacher: 

  • Manage tests anytime and from anywhere.  Work on tests from home or school. 
  • Quickly and easily create assessment and tests with built-in question banks, equation builders and other tools. 
  • Allow the system to automatically grade or partially grade tests. 
  • Generate comprehensive and customizable reports based on subject area, course, class, grade and student. 

For the Student: 

  • Keep up to date on the tests and assessments that have been assigned and by what date they must be completed. 
  • Take tests in a step-by-step, page-by-page process that allows students to mark questions for review before final submission. 
  • Get test results automatically and when, allowed by the teacher, retake tests to achieve a better grade.
  • Conveniently take tests anytime and from anywhere.  Ideal for virtual schooling. 

For the District:

  • Centralize assessment and test data for the entire district into one user-friendly system.
  • Provide assessments over the web that are aligned with state and district standards.
  • Collect data to generate reports based on student performance.
  • Export real-time student performance results to address NCLB requirements.