Educational Renaissance Lesson Plan Templates



Educational Renaissance implemented a Lesson Plan Templates system, powered by AllofE Solutions, for school districts in Alaska and Montana. The LPT system effectively allows administration and teachers to fully automate the lesson planning and management process. This benefits all involved in K-12 education. Teachers are able to save, share, and print lesson plans for students, colleagues, administrators, substitutes, and parents. It allows administrators to efficiently track the teaching and assessments of the essential knowledge and skills that all students must master.

The new system will "assist school districts in aligning curriculum content and performance standards, benchmarks, and grade level expectations with effective instructional and assessment methods and practices. "  All of this is fundamental in closing the student achievement gap in classrooms as Congress pushes to reauthorize the No Child Left Behind Act. 

About Educational Renaissance

Educational Renaissance was founded for the purpose of providing quality professional development opportunities for those who genuinely care about improving the overall educational effectiveness of their schools and school districts. Educational Renaissance believes it is imperative that schools and school districts use the effective schooling research when considering and designing their professional development programs and to that end have designed each and every one of their professional development topics and corresponding workshops to incorporate the effective schooling and research-based findings, that time-after-time have proven to work.  Their mission is to provide those who are responsible for ensuring all children learn well, the most current and effective research validated school improvement strategies, methods, and practices that time-after-time have proven to significantly increase student achievement. They believe that this is the single most important stem in closing the student achievement gap. Educational Renaissance offers workshops that have been identified in the education research and related literature as being highly effective in improving student learning and therefore, of significant value to those who have a vested interest in seeing more of their children succeed academically.