Diggs Construction Web Site



Diggs Construction, LLC teamed up with AllofE Studio to establish their corporate branding, and to create an image that would put them ahead in the industry and define a new standard. As part of the package, the company required a new Web site design which would encapsulate this image and branding effort, and establish them as a recognized online entity.

AllofE Studio came up with a marketing package that reflected Diggs' unique and professional image.  This was done from a variety of angles, ranging from a new corporate tagline to a fully redesigned web site. The company’s site was brought up to industry standards and given a professional, cutting-edge look and feel. It provides information such as their project portfolio and other resources for the company's potential and existing clients.

AllofE Studio, a division of AllofE Solutions, is focused on the innovative and intelligent use of multimedia technology for enhancing our client's image. AllofE Studio was created to better utilize the considerable creative talent, tremendous work ethic, and technical expertise already present within AllofE Solutions. The studio division has the experience necessary to create marketing pieces which utilize video, audio, Flash, databases, and many other tools to accomplish a focused branding campaign.

About Diggs Construction

Diggs Construction, LLC was founded in 1999, combining the complementary strengths of Diggs Construction Company, Inc. (founded in 1977) and MMC Corporation (founded in 1932). They provide total project management services in construction management and general construction.