DePaul University SMASHUP Launches

LAWRENCE, Kan.—The second of four university-wide SMASHUPs, for DePaul University, launched today. The DePaul SMASHUP can be found here:

The DePaul launch follows the launch of Youngstown State University’s SMASHUP, which can be seen here:

DePaul partnered with AllofE Solutions to design, code, implement and analyze DePaul’s social media and branding initiatives to create a customized solution intended to increase the effectiveness of the university’s social media.

"The university wanted a way to bring forth all of their social media in a more effective manner," said Jeslyn Gilcrest, AllofE Solutions project manager. "The SMASHUP replaced a social media library that featured a listing of all university social media accounts," which can be seen here:

Looking forward, AllofE will be launching two more SMASHUPs for Northern Illinois University and Our Lady of the Lake University over the next few weeks.

For more information about the SMASHUP project, please contact Katie Brosious at kbrosious AT allofe DOT com.