Content Management System and CMSWire



LAWRENCE, Kan.— AllofE’s ContentM, a web-based content management system (CMS) created for the education sector, was reviewed by CMSWire, a web magazine dedicated to everything related to the CMS industry.

The article calls ContentM “an intuitive interface [that] helps to streamline the site management process and allows organizations to create, edit, and publish their site.” ContentM is designed to serve the web content creation, design, and management needs at all levels of a school district.

AllofE strives to provide “efficient, innovative and cost-effective solutions,” CMSWire says. AllofE “also work[s] to empower the people that manage content and the communities affected by content management strategies.”

The full review can be seen here.

CMSWire is a web magazine dedicated to everything relating to content management systems. Its audience consists of technologists, vendors and analysts that focus on content management, social media, web publishing, collaboration practices and more. You can learn more about CMSWire at

About ContentM

AllofE's proprietary Easy Page solution through ContentM completely revolutionizes site management for school districts and universities. It is the most advanced system of its kind, allowing users to create an attractive, multi-media web site in no time at all. The intuitive interfaces saves districts and universities time and money on staff training and support. With ContentM, districts and universities are able to implement turnkey web sites and manage them with ease.