Center School District eCurriculum



Center School District partnered with AllofE Solutions to implement eCurriculum web based curriculum management system. The system comes pre-loaded with Missouri’s standards, Show-Me Goals, and GLE’s allowing the district to align course units with state requirements. Forms within the application will be customized to match Center’s existing curriculum management structure. The new system will centralize and standardize the curriculum management process for the entire district.

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About Center School District

Center School District is a fully accredited pre-kindergarten through 12th grade district located in the southern part of Kansas City. The District has a full range of academic programs designed to prepare students for continued education at colleges, universities, and technical schools as well as post high school employment. The district embraces the cultural diversity of its student population as a way of enriching their experiences and better preparing them for success in the world in which they will live and work. Although the district is located in Kansas City, its student population of 2500 and the small class sizes provide an urban environment with many of the advantages of a small community. The updated class rooms of the Center District all include SMART Board technology. This 21st century instructional tool provides our talented teaching staff with exciting possibilities to enhance students’ educational experiences. Almost 60% of Center teachers hold a Master's degree or higher. Center High School carries an A+ designation by the state providing Center graduates who choose to attend community colleges with some financial resources.