Center School District IEP



Center School District, a forward thinking district committed to using technology to make their education related processes more efficient, once again turned to AllofE for an expansion phase of their Special Education IEP (Individual Education Plan) system to allow entry of new information, such as more detailed demographics. The new data entry interfaces will comply with the latest state-level requirements for information to be included with IEP’s. A Consent to Release of Information Form will be added to Center’s current list of online legal documents, and several existing data entry interfaces will be modified to comply with the new requirements.

The district originally implemented AllofE's WISE IEP system to manage and track their individualized evaluation process for students with Special Education needs. AllofE’s IEP management system is extremely user friendly because it was designed by teachers and administrators within the IEP program. The intuitive interface walks the user through the entire IEP creation and management process ensuring that all state and district information requirements are met. Comprehensive baseline, goal, and benchmark tracking, along with progress reporting and advanced print functionality, ensure that the system adds simplicity and efficiency to the district's IEP reporting process.

The district’s goal in using the expanded interface system is to keep up-to-date, standards-compliant information on all their IEP’s, and to facilitate continued good communication between administrators, parents, teachers, and students. The expansion allows them to do this efficiently and consistently. By taking into account all information required, the system puts into place processes that ensure a standardized method of data entry, which collects and preserves the district’s IEP’s in the most serviceable format. AllofE Solutions is happy to continue facilitating the district’s continued expansion and improvement, and looks forward to playing a part in their future growth and success.

About Center School District

Center School District is a fully accredited pre-kindergarten through 12th grade district located in the southern part of Kansas City. The District has a full range of academic programs designed to prepare students for continued education at colleges, universities, and technical schools as well as post high school employment. The district embraces the cultural diversity of its student population as a way of enriching their experiences and better preparing them for success in the world in which they will live and work. Although the district is located in Kansas City, its student population of 2500 and the small class sizes provide an urban environment with many of the advantages of a small community.