Center Content Management

Center School District chooses a content management system to integrate its district and school Web sites.

Center School District has chosen to implement a new content management system to more efficiently manage their web site. Along with many other school districts, they needed a system that would allow them to design, create and maintain their district’s web site through one user-friendly tool. Content management systems are a key component in communicating with teachers, parents, students as well as the community. They also provide an easy way for schools to keep their web pages up-to-date and manage content, while maintaining a consistent theme throughout the entire site.

The Center School District comprises of a pre-school, 4 elementary schools, a middle school, a high school and an alternative school. While each school has its own section within the district site, some of the schools currently operate their own separate Web sites. The district needed a more cohesive solution to their web site management but also wanted the individual schools to be able to maintain their own content. A content management system was the best solution to achieve this and integrate all of their sites under one district umbrella.

For their content management system, Center is using AllofE’s ContentM, developed especially for K-12 schools. The newly innovated version of this system features several exciting upgrades such as dynamically generated school directory pages, school calendars, surveys and forms, school and PTA Web sites, and classroom web pages. This design focuses on simplicity of use allowing even the most non-technical users an easy way to build their own professional site pages. This is done through a point and click interface. Center School District’s administrators can monitor and update content, teachers can maintain their own sites, students can keep track of their assignments, and parents can easily look up vital information such as lunch menus, athletic schedules, and PTA meetings. The district will be able to centralize all of their district and individual school’s web site content into one user-friendly management solution.

About Center School District

Center School District is a fully accredited pre-kindergarten through 12th grade district located in the southern part of Kansas City. The District has a full range of academic programs designed to prepare students for continued education at colleges, universities, and technical schools as well as post high school employment. The district embraces the cultural diversity of its student population as a way of enriching their experiences and better preparing them for success in the world in which they will live and work. Although the district is located in Kansas City, its student population of 2500 and the small class sizes provide an urban environment with many of the advantages of a small community.