CCSD 46 Applicant Tracking



Community Consolidated School District 46 has decided to implement AllofE’s Applicant Tracking system in their Human Resources area for tracking and managing job applicants and the candidature selection process . Applicant Tracking provides a user-friendly interface for applicants to apply online, and for academic or other business organizations to manage, filter, review applications and more throughout the candidate selection process.

CCSD 46 requested different interfaces, for classified and for certified personnel. AllofE analyzed the district’s existing paper-based application process and customized the system interfaces to replicate their exact process online.

In addition, the district wanted the capability to search and filter their applicant base according to various criteria, allowing them to pinpoint and categorize different kinds of applicants. To this purpose, several customized reports were created using the criteria the district specified, which would help them optimally search a large number of applicants for their best fit.

With the new online applicant tracking system, applicants interested in a job at CCSD 46 will now be able to easily fill out and submit an application online instead of having to send in paper copies by snail-mail and be able to follow progress more easily. District administrators will not have to sort and search through piles of papers to track and manage job applications - making it several times more efficient and painless. The district’s aim in implementing the new system is to streamline their hiring and decision-making process and to make jobs available to a wider applicant base.

About CCSD 46

Community Consolidated School District 46 is located in north-eastern Illinois in central Lake County, approximately 40 miles north of Chicago and 14 miles west of Lake Michigan. The district serves parts of the villages of Grayslake, Third Lake, Hainesville, Round Lake, Round Lake Park, Round Lake Beach, and Lake Villa. The district is comprised of six schools. Kindergarten through fourth grade students attend neighborhood schools.