Blue Valley Signs Contract



Blue Valley School District, an extremely progressive Kansas school district, recently signed a contract with AllofE for an expanded scope system. The contract will allow AllofE to seamlessly integrate their online curriculum management system into Blue Valley's existing system and enhance the district's existing implementation of eCurriculum.

In 2005, Blue Valley commissioned AllofE Solutions to implement a web based curriculum management solution. They wanted a solution that would provide the most advanced system for the district’s curriculum and instruction process. Further, they wanted a system that could manage their district-wide curriculum, and track its progress at the level of individual classrooms. Most importantly they required an extremely customized, scalable, and user friendly solution that could be adopted easily and painlessly by all levels of teachers.

AllofE implemented a highly customized version of eCurriculum for Blue Valley with a specialized set of standards that combines national, state, and district standards and brings them all online. The system’s processes for curriculum management were designed to replicate the district’s original paper-based processes and thus allow the staff to learn the system with minimal training. Also included in the system was a set of generation functions which could automatically generate course-guides, and an up-to-date web site with current curriculum data which could be drilled down to the lowest level with multiple cross-linking to related areas.

The new curriculum mapping solution empowers educators to create and manage unit maps and integrate state standards with course curriculum. It also allows them to align and map their course content closely with specific standards and provide easy sharing among collaborative groups. Additionally, the system allows educators to perform comprehensive reporting and analysis on what is being taught in their schools.

With the new contract, the expanded curriculum mapping solution will revolutionize the district’s system, putting them ahead of the industry and at the forefront of cutting edge education industry technology. It will allow them to tie their curriculum units to specific evaluation factors such as objectives and assessment questions, which can later be used to gauge the unit’s effectiveness. This can be done even at the lowest level such as individual daily lesson plans. This will provide educators with a comprehensive view of their curriculum and its outcomes, integrating the day-to-day curriculum implementation with meeting of over-arcing goals and objectives.

About Blue Valley

The Blue Valley School District is a K-12 public education institution where students have opportunities for cultural arts, foreign language classes, and the development of solid work habits. Nearly 19,000 Blue Valley students completed the 2003-2004 school year. In a time when public education faces a variety of challenges, students and staff in the Blue Valley School District have continued to achieve a vast number of distinguished accomplishments. The district has a high success rate with less than one percent (0.5 percent) of students dropping out.