Blue Springs Wellness Program



AllofE Solutions has implemented a new web site for Blue Springs School District as part of the district’s new Wellness Program. The site provides a place for Blue Springs staff to log in and keep track of their "Well Points" which are awarded based on various healthy living practices such as flu shots, fitness assessments, and healthy eating.

The new site was created using the district’s implementation of the AllofE web content management system, ContentM, which is also used to manage the district’s web site and their curriculum guidelines. The Wellness Program site has also been developed to mesh well from a design and navigation standpoint with the current district web site. That means the site’s data entry and retrieval infrastructure is streamlined so the process is effortless for end users. The administrative functional area of the system is designed based on AllofE’s common academic architecture, and follows AllofE’s standard best practices for User Interface Design to help the District personnel administer the site easily and effectively.

The site has separate logins for students and staff for updating individual information, leading to personalized content specific to each kind of user. The district plans to use the site to make their Wellness Program more easily accessible to all participants, encouraging them to explore the many options they have for improving their health. Along with dispensing information about the program and the associated options, the site also allows users to download documents such as activity logs and proof of participation forms to help them get the most out of the program.

Blue Springs has a long and rich history with AllofE, starting in 2003 when AllofE implemented their enterprise level web content management system, ContentM, to help the district manage their extensive web site. Since then AllofE has been an active participant in the district’s growth, implementing several web based solutions for them. The solutions serve a wide variety of purposes such as comprehensive room scheduling, online curriculum management, and professional staff development. AllofE looks forward to continued opportunities to facilitate Blue Springs' ongoing progress in the area of technological advancement.

About Blue Springs School District

Blue Springs is among the fastest growing suburban communities in the Kansas City metropolitan area. The Blue Springs School District contains 22 schools for grades K-12 and has maintained a tradition of academic excellence. The district promotes this tradition through continuous advancements in its curriculum and technological learning materials. Students from the communities of Blue Springs, Grain Valley, Independence, Lake Tapawingo and Lee’s Summit, MO, belong to this district.