Basehor-Linwood Virtual School



Basehor-Linwood Virtual School has made a strong effort to focus on technology as a way of reaching out to students and providing distance learning. Their goal is to provide a quality educational choice to students who need an alternative to traditional schools. Being a virtual school means a lot when it comes to helping an array of different students achieve their goals despite their different educational needs. BLVS has proven to be a successful alternative for students. They have been able connect with children in a unique way through their web based education alternatives.

BLVS super-headed this effort by implementing ExamN, AllofE’s online testing solution in 2004. ExamN is an efficient, effective, and user-friendly tool for creating, publishing and taking online exams. It allows teachers, administrators, and students to access tests anytime and anywhere. This system also comes with an automatic grading feature that grades the tests as they are taken. By implementing ExamN, BLVS is able to create greater efficiencies, deliver online assessments aligned with district standards, and create reports based on student performance.

Now, along with their new content management system, BLVS is providing an enhanced teacher portal that allows teachers to create and manage their own Web sites and course Web sites as well as publish lesson plans online. Teachers have complete control over the look and feel their own web pages as well as the content that is posted. It provides a way for them to communicate efficiently with other faculty, students and parents. Their individual course Web sites allow students to access important information regarding a specific class. Teachers are able to post course details, lesson plans, assignments and links to other important resources. The advanced lesson planning interface also allows the teacher to connect lessons to state standards and provides a means to identify gaps and repetition in their classroom instruction.

About BLVS

Basehor-Linwood Virtual School was established in 1998 as an option for kindergarten through 12th grade students in the state of Kansas. It was been successful in connecting with students who are being home schooled and students who seek alternative education. They strive to provide a quality education to students who need an alternative to traditional schools.