Basehor-Linwood School District SIS



Basehor Linwood Virtual School has long awaited a high powered tool to assist in tracking student information. Such a powerful tool will provide them with the means to track students’ grades, schedules and attendance while allowing them to cut down on paperwork.

Basehor Linwood Virtual School has chosen to implement AllofE Solution’s TheSIS student information system. In adopting TheSIS, BLVS has again demonstrated its commitment to leveraging innovative technology that will help them better manage their school information. TheSIS is an easily customizable system that adapts to a school’s unique and specific needs.

TheSIS is a newly developed solution that allows schools to easily manage their student information. Some of its key features include attendance and lunch count tracking, grade books, and student and course management. Teachers can have attendance and lunch count taken for their class in a matter of a few clicks of the mouse. The grade book includes all the functionality you could ask for built into a simple interface. Teachers can create assignment categories complete with customized point and weight scales. Enrolling students and teachers into courses, as well as creating and updating student and course information are all managed from a similar intuitive interface. These features allow teachers to simplify the daily chore of taking attendance, lunch counts and entering grades. It allows administrators to manage, track and report on course information and student achievement.

About Basehor-Linwood

Basehor-Linwood USD #458 is a combined district that serves the communities of Basehor and Linwood as well as an extensive rural population from the surrounding areas. The district consists of three elementary schools, one middle school, and one high school. The schools are dedicated to creating and developing alternative approaches to delivering educational processes through the use of current and emerging technologies. They offer a variety of educational opportunities such as the Distance Learning Program that has been created for those students who are looking for enrichment opportunities and students who are seeking alternative ways of earning academic credit.

Building on their success, Basehor-Linwood extended their district to incorporate virtual schools. The purpose of these schools is to provide a quality educational choice to students who, for their own unique and personal reasons, need an alternative to traditional schools. BLVS was the first virtual school established in 1998 as an option for kindergarten through 12th grade students in the state of Kansas. It was been successful in connecting with students who are being home schooled and students who seek alternative education.