AllofE Studio Web Design


AllofE Studio Continues To Expand Its Web Design Portfolio

AllofE Studio has been at work building a series of dynamic sites and information portals for new and existing clients. Most recently AllofE has designed the site for Absolu Salon and Spa, a new addition to AllofE’s growing list of clients, as well as adding portals to the sites of two existing clients, VSR Financial and William Jewell College.

The Absolu Salon and Spa site exudes an air of clean professionalism with the sophistication and beauty that represent the salon’s public image. The site will also give the salon an extended public reach, a positive public image, and an efficient method for dispersing information about what they offer to a large audience of current and potential customers.

The Partee Center, historically associated with William Jewell College in Missouri, is dedicated to Baptist historical research about the growth and perpetuation of the Baptist faith nationally and regionally. Their site is designed as a portal for the variety of information collected and dispersed by the Partee Center. A tremendous amount of research information consisting of church records, meeting minutes, genealogical and historical data, and much more are housed in the Partee Center’s online collection of historical data. Information in the form of Microfilm Church Records, a Sermons Database, etc. is completely searchable using keyword or Boolean searches. The portal allows for easy uploading of information in the form of documents, images, and many other formats.

VSR Financial manages a web portal for their financial planners and representatives /brokers. The portal includes an extensive repository of information to help financial planners to better serve their clients. This portal functions as a knowledge center for financial professionals, giving them access to the latest research, professional standards compliance information, conferences and other opportunities for learning and for marketing, and much more. The portal provides VSR’s financial planners with an easy way to access a variety of valuable data in one centralized location, facilitating their career-related research and their awareness of the latest developments in their field.

These sites represent AllofE Studio’s continued drive to provide quality web sites for clients of all sizes and diversity of requirements. AllofE works with clients to give them sites which furnish a dynamic, strongly representative presence on the web. AllofE Studio division looks forward to their ongoing relationship with their site design clients and many more opportunities to integrate the branding and usability from their site designs with the content and data management capabilities of AllofE’s other web solutions.